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Ode to the God of the 21st Century

As I have previously stated, among the daily subversions that I will provide you, dear reader, I will also include random musings, songs, snippets of stories, and poems.  Oh look, here comes one now…


Ode to the God of the 21st Century.


When I arise, early, I go to my god.

I sit before it, a thing made of the hands of men,

Or by another thing made from the hands of men.

It’s gentle glow covers me in a sterile light,

And in that light I bow in wonder.

I ask of it:

“What does this day have in store?”

It answers.  I ask of it:

“Tell me the answers to the things I want to know!”

It answers.  I ask of it:

“Show me signs and wonders, far reaching places,

Let me see the one’s I love, the things I love,

Entertain me!”

It answers.

Many others revere this deity, and why shouldn’t they?

It is convenient.

It answers quickly.

It does not require a relationship.

It gives me what I want, and sometimes what I need.


But I have seen a greater Light,

One not made by human hands,

But One that transcends all things,

For It has created all.

This beautiful god is but an idol.

To tear down this idol,

I have not yet decided,

But to dethrone it I must,

To place it in the categories of tool,



And when I arise, early, I will seek after



And Holiness instead.

About everydaysubversive

I am a subversive. I want you to come with me. I want you to subvert the powers and principalities with me. This blog will be the incoherent ramblings of a border-line crazed militant, peppered with book reviews, songs, poems, stories, commentary, and the Word of God. And, which will be the reoccurring theme, regular suggestions on how to daily subvert the forces of darkness. This is going to get messy. You might bleed a little, and i might as well. At any rate, stay tuned, there should be a lot to talk about.

7 responses to “Ode to the God of the 21st Century

  1. Well, color me impressed!

  2. Noah

    I want to interpret your god as the Bible in this poem. Was that your intention?

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  4. Noah

    The latter god is the God that you hold to be the one true God, and the former god is a digital device, like an iphone or laptop. I still could apply its message to the Bible though…

    • I could definitely see that. The exact language of the poem may be difficult to do it fully (not sure though, I would have to go back and re-read the thing…), but often times we usually deify the Bible, and seek wisdom from it, BEFORE we seek wisdom from God Himself. This may lead to a Subversion of the Day…

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